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‘Sharpest Minds BY FAR’

Creative Showcase Mar 2009 - Runner up

We challenged would-be RAF recruits to find a code within an image, which was hidden away within a sound file entitled “Spectrogram” (remember that name). When played back, the file sounded like a blanket of white noise.

The solution — hit upon by over 1,000 individuals, who were not provided with any clues — was to convert said sound file to an image, using an application which was itself called “Spectrogram”. When the sound file was played using this software, an image of an RAF aircraft was revealed, upon the wing of which the entry code for the competition was written (below).


To enter the competition you had to click on an ad that directed to the RAF site with details of where to type in the competiton entry code when you found it. And the prize? An aerobatic training session in an RAF jet.

Click on the image below to see the ad we created for the competition.

'Sharpest Minds BY FAR'

‘Best Crew BY FAR’

Creative Showcase Mar 2009 - Runner up

The ‘Best Crew BY FAR’ Facebook app allowed the user to call upon the friends they would most like to work alongside on an RAF mission, and then allocate them one of several roles, such as Fighter Pilot and Regiment Sniper. The app averaged 16,000 users in its first six months.

'Best Crew BY FAR'

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